The Ambassador Program is reserved for leaders who love organizing unforgettable experiences.

If you have ambitions of a career in the entertainment or travel industry, you were born to be an Ambassador for The Official Grad Trip (OGT).


If you are accepted into the Ambassador Program, you will take on the following responsibilities:


Hook your friends up with EXCLUSIVE PERKS!

​Ambassadors have the exclusive ability to get their friends discounted Travel Packages and sponsorship giveaways.


Become a liaison between the company

and your friends.

​​Ambassadors are in direct contact with the OGT Team establishing an efficient process to relay trip information and also answer any questions your friends have.


Organize an experience your friends will cherish forever.

Ambassadors are the leaders who create lifelong memories.

Ambassadors | The Official Grad Trip Las Vegas 2022


Minimal time commitment

Valuable industry experience

Strong resume builder

Rewarded for taking on this responsibility