Interview Guidelines

Campus Director 

The Official Grad Trip


Quick Introduction (1 minute)

Presentation on why YOU are qualified (10 minutes)

Our opportunity to ask questions about you (5 minutes)

Your opportunity to ask questions about us (5 minutes)

Closing remarks (1 minute) 



You will have up to 10 minutes to pitch us on why you feel you are the right candidate.

Please address the following topics during your interview:  





Are you a social leader who is well connected and well respected in your class? 

Why are you qualified to be the selected leader at your school organizing The OGT?

Do you have ambitions of having a career in the entertainment/travel industry? Any fields that really excite you? Talent Agent, Music Festival Producer, Professional Artist or Influencer, Travel Experience Creator, etc.


Who in your class would you select to be your Co-Campus Director?

Why are they qualified?

How do they complement you? 





Whom would you select to be Ambassadors in your class? Why are they qualified? What networks, organizations, or

friend groups do they represent? 

Are your parents supportive of you following your passions & striving to have a successful career in the entertainment industry? 

Will your parents support you if you are

selected for this role? 

Do you have a network that extends beyond your

high school into other schools in the area?


Please make sure you are in a quiet place. 

Please be on time! 


Be yourself! 



3-8 individuals who organize their immediate

friend group to attend The OGT. 

Ambassadors receive a FREE trip, a VIP experience,

and educational value. 

The Ambassador team should be diverse and represent

different networks on campus. We highly recommend not selecting Ambassadors who are part of the same immediate network. 

The idea is to create a team with different networks that stretch across the entire class. 

Ideally selecting individuals who are social leaders of different organizations, clubs, athletic teams,

friend groups, etc. 

Co-Campus Director 

This will be your business partner. 

You work together as the leaders of your

school organizing The OGT.  

You both hold the same role & receive

the same compensation. 

Critical this individual also has an extensive

network & is passionate.  

We highly recommend not just selecting your

best friend for this position.

Our advice is to choose an individual who

complements you and provides additional value.