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We are committed to GRADS from the same school being able to celebrate together.

Dear Class of 2022,


Due to unprecedented demand from the 4,000,000 graduating seniors next year, a general on-sale would result in friend groups being split.

To ensure GRADS from the same school are guaranteed the ability to celebrate together, we will unlock booking on a school-by-school basis.

Once 50 classmates from the same school JOIN THE WAITLIST, all GRADS from that school are guaranteed a spot! The first 50 lock it in for the whole school!


If your class has under 100 seniors, your school can qualify on a specialty basis. To qualify, half your class must join the waitlist. 

Once we unlock your school, if you would like to attend The Official Grad Trip, you can officially reserve your spot by booking your Travel Package.

Out of thousands of high schools across the US, we can guarantee that graduates from the first 250 schools to reach 50 classmates on the waitlist will be locked in to participate on the biggest grad trip in history.

Be one of the first 50 and help unlock your school ASAP!